What Is The Actxa Wellness Programme?

The Actxa Wellness Programme was created to allow for employers to present a safe working environment where employees will not only grow stronger (physically and mentally) but also establish a closer bond to the company through activities within the internal community.

We are a unique evidence-based and culture-building employee wellness programme that starts by first seeking to help individuals and their communities find out where they are in their healthy-living journey, then helping them decide where they want to be, and further empowering them to confidently and continuously navigate towards a better and more balanced state of health and wellness

Our Vision is to be the leading go-to global provider for employee happiness and engagement through wellness solutions.

Our Mission is to be the trusted partner recognised for employee happiness and engagement through wellness solutions anchored on data and science; delivered through awareness education and experiential learning; and leveraging internal community to bring about positive lifestyle shifts in employees.

We hold true to our Values of: Happiness. Betterment. Sustainability. Empowerment. Community

Common Employee Concerns

Receiving appreciation for work done

Having good work-life integration

Learning and career development

Having good relations with peers

Aligning company goals with personal values

Having good relations with superiors

Benefits for Individuals And Their Communities:

Learn about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and improve on company culture

Build self-awareness with the help of their own visualised-data

Be empowered to make choices that are better aligned with their goals

Learn about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle

Build self-awareness with the help of their own visualised-data

Be empowered to make choices that are better aligned with their goals

Form healthy-living habits over time

Form healthy-living habits over time and build resilience towards adversity

Improve physical and mental well-being for a happier, healthier life

Work with one another to take accountability for their own actions and outcomes

Why Choose The Actxa Wellness Programme?


High-value and cost-effective

Flexible and scalable

Flexible and scalable
(from small groups to cities)

Solving Problems

Evidence- and outcomes-based

Easy to get started

Easy to get started
(we take care of everything, literally)


Tailored to meet your actual needs
(not generic)

Experienced team

Experienced and passionate team

More about Actxa

At Actxa, we inspire individuals from all walks of life to make proactive moves to live better and healthier.

Leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, we create evidence-based, personalised health insights in the domains of physical activities, sleep quality, body composition, stress and recovery, heart health and non-invasive blood glucose monitoring.

With the help of these insights, Actxa develops applications such as Healthy Living Score (HLS), Actxa Wellness Programme (AWP) and products to empower individuals to manage and improve their own health.

To improve population health, Actxa establishes worldwide partnerships and research collaborations to develop critical preventive health models to help people avert chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Good health and happiness go hand-in-hand. Actxa is committed to taking the lead to create Better Moves, Better Lives to better ourselves, the people around us and our community. 

Our products

We provide our participants with our own hardware for daily tracking. The Actxa Spark+ is a wearable device that measures physical fitness metrics of VO2max, steps and MVPA* and sleep data. The Actxa Sense is a machine that measures physique metrics of weight, BMI* and PBF*

Kick-Start Your People’s Wellness Journey

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