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Sophia Rose, Actxa Customer

Sophia Rose Meyers, 17

National Youth Sailor, ‘A’ Division Footballer

Though #actxacommunity, we hope to inspire more people to take on the journey of preventive health. In this post, Sophia gives us insights into the national youth sailing scene, as well as sharing her love for our Actxa Spur+.

Q1: What is it like dealing with pressure or expectations to win as a national youth sailor? How does it compare to playing A Division football for Victoria JC?

It’s definitely quite stressful to deal with expectations, especially at regattas. What I may define as doing well may not match up in the eyes of others, and this really affected me for a period of time in 2018, when I felt that I wasn’t good enough to be in the national team. However, my coach managed to convince me that my definition of success shouldn’t be up to others to decide. Since then, I’ve tried to block out such “external noise” and set my own goals.

Playing for the Victoria Junior College A Division football team is a very different story. Although everyone has very high expectations of us since we have been defending champions since 2003, all the girls in my team are very encouraging. We spur each other on in a positive manner and fight even harder for gold. That definitely makes dealing with the pressure a lot easier.

Q2: Of the different NAPFA exercises (e.g. 2.4km run, standing broad jump), which do you excel at the most? Do you train harder for it? 

I’m probably best at sit-ups compared to the other exercises; I somehow find it more enjoyable. I don’t necessarily train harder for NAPFA but I do try and make sure that I do relatively well for all the stations. That’s why I try to train up for the standing broad jump and 2.4km run because I’m slightly weaker in those.

Q3: What’s your ethnicity? Is there a typical reaction when strangers discover that you can speak Mandarin and you’re not actually a foreigner?

My mum is Singaporean while my dad is American, so I’m actually Caucasian. I’ve spent my whole life in Singapore and definitely feel like a Singaporean more than American, although my appearance says otherwise.

People definitely get a shock when they hear me speak Mandarin, especially teachers or coffee shop assistants. I love ordering my food in Mandarin and watching the stunned expressions of the coffee shop uncles/aunties. They’ll normally ask if I’m a 外国人 (foreigner), at which I’ll laugh and reply that I’m actually Singaporean. Sometimes they’re so amused that they give me extra food! #bonus

Q4: How do you think Actxa Spur+ has helped you in your daily life?
Some of the major features for me were the all-day heart rate monitor, workout tracking and the VO2 max. 

Firstly, the all-day heart rate monitor allowed me to track and compare my heart rate at different points of the day, for example, pre-training and post-training. It records your heart rate every 5 minutes, so there are a constant tracking and update of your heart rate throughout the day! It also helps to record your average, lowest and highest heart rates.

Additionally, the workout tracker allows me to follow up on my heart rate and heart rate zones, distance covered, intensity minutes and calories burned during my workout/training sessions. During my session out at sea, it managed to record the specific moments I was working my hardest as well as the total distance I managed to sail in one session.

Not to mention the VO2 max feature, which is definitely a very cool feature to have. After 15 minutes of light jogging, the watch was able to track my true fitness age and my VO2 max. I definitely feel that this feature will help me and my coach track my overall fitness level and performance throughout the coming weeks. 

Overall, the Actxa Spur+ surprised me by being comfortable, easy to use and also by offering a wide range of fitness metrics especially the VO2 max which is normally only found on expensive watch models. I am very excited to continue to explore the other features on the watch.

Thank you Sophia for sharing her story, drop an email to if you would like to share yours! 

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