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Apart from just offering wellness products and solutions to our customers, LIF is also forming partnerships with organizations to bring together people, partners, science, technology and data to create positive changes to the health, quality of life and well-being of every individual and community. 

Based in Indonesia, LIF is a fitness and wellness services company focusing on corporate leaders who are keen on improving the health of their employees, eventually boosting performance, productivity, creativity, resilience and team-spirit at work. LIF aims to bring fitness and health to everyone, involving themselves in the process of individuals achieving their goals through positive, engaging and exciting ways to keep them hooked on the process.

With the company’s mission in mind, LIF went on a search for a reliable partner to venture into the corporate wellness scene in Indonesia with. They were on the hunt for a company with tracker distribution and app development experiences, and Actxa came to mind. Having distributed over 1 million trackers in Singapore and successfully developing their own Actxa App, they were a perfect fit for an individual fitness progress tool as well as a reliable digital pillar to our corporate solutions. Actxa was able to provide a turnkey solution to LIF, scalable to their ambition for the company.

Through multiple discussions, hard work and plenty of preparations, Actxa managed to assist LIF through their journey in introducing their products and services to Indonesia. Actxa managed to provide valuable insights on areas such as app development, corporate challenge portal development, wellness program consultancy, and tracker design and production. 

This is only the beginning, and we will continue to strive towards the eventual goal of introducing fitness and health to the mass population of Indonesia. 

“Finding the right partner is as crucial as having a business model. To be worthy and to have a suitable partner is the first step to any successful venture, and I am happy to say that Actxa has proven to be a worthy partner to LIF. I believe that hard work and a collaborative spirit will bring LIF to success. “ – Lina Sugianto, CEO of LIF Indonesia

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