Lifestyle Assessment,
A Solution For Corporate Wellness
Create successful wellness, resilience, and performance programme for your people

What is the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment?

The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment (FBLA) is a professional-grade coaching tool for checking health and wellness. Its unique heart rate variability analysis reveals how the body reacts to daily demands and transforms heartbeat data into personalised insights on stress, exercise and sleep. With more than 20 years of research and experience in heartbeat and heart rate variability, Firstbeat brings you the technology used by professional athletes with near-laboratory level accuracy.

How Does It Work?

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Help Reach Your Potential

Help Employees Reach Their Potential

Employees are an organisation’s most precious resource. When they are happy and healthy, they’re more engaged, dedicated and productive at work.

The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a complete health and wellness check that can maximise the potential of your people, and create successful wellness, resilience and performance programmes for them.

Benefits of Lifestyle Assessment


Individuals Tested In Finland


Feel More Productive At Work


Reduced Days Of Absence


Decrease In Healthcare Costs


Feel This Service Improves Wellbeing


Experience Improved Stress Management, Sleep & Exercise Habits


Feel That The Service Is Valuable


Would Recommend Others

The Evidence From Thousands Of Corporate Wellness Programmes Is Clear.

Firstbeat increases productivity and reduces losses associated with illness-related absences. With personalised stress and recovery profiles, employees learn how to manage stress, feel more energetic and focused at work. The professional feedback also motivates each employee to make changes for the better.

Take Care Of Your Key Assets And Ensure That Each Employee Can Perform At
Their Best.

• Optimise productivity and performance

• Improve resilience and work efficiency

• Prevent exhaustion and burnout

• Control healthcare costs

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Create effective employee programmes with proven results

Provide Data That Matters For Your Corporation

Manage Stress

• Identify activities that cause stress

• Recognise consuming factors in your personal and work life

• Avoid, modify or support stressful moments with planned solutions

Enhance Recovery

• Gain valuable insight into sleep habits

• Evaluate the quality of your rest

• Understand how to sleep and recover better

• Feel more energised and focused

Exercise Right

• Find the right exercise at the optimum intensity

• Track your fitness and health effects of daily activity

• Increase functional quality of life

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is highly recommended for all employees, especially:

  • Key personnel and executive teams
  • Shift workers
  • Frequent travellers
  • High stress and demanding work environments
  • As part of wellness programmes, annual health checks and targeted wellness initiatives
Recommended by employees

Corporate Package Typically Includes

  • Introductory info meeting for the entire staff
  • Measurement of daily activity with Firstbeat Bodyguard heart rate variability device and a personal mobile diary for seeing the impact of daily choices.
  • Personal report and feedback from wellness professionals motivates and engages each employee.
  • Anonymous group report for an employer – See the results and changes in stress levels, recovery and physical activity. Obtain feedback and recommendations for getting the most out of your employee investments.
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