Walking 10,000 steps a day seem like a daunting number – until you realise that every little effort you take to step out actually stacks up pretty nicely. The countdown begins from the walk to the MRT station or bus stop, stopping by to get breakfast, heading out with the colleagues for lunch, getting out for some fresh air during tea break, across to the mall for dinner, until we finally head home on foot. And how exactly do we track our progress? Which brings us straight to point #1.

1. Get A Fitness Tracker

Fans of South Korean variety show, Running Man will know first-hand what a pedometer is – that nifty device strapped to the waist to track how many steps one has taken. More than just for game play, Actxa has developed an entire spectrum of fitness trackers to match every engagement level, starting from the Stride and Stride+ which tracks daily movement, to the Swift and Swift+ which additionally monitors calories, sleep patterns, and designed to be water proof, making it a perfect buddy even for swimmers.

2. Book a Holiday

Credit: Unsplash

Everything about the prospect of going on a holiday gets our nerves humming in excitement, so much so we cannot wait to get on board the plane and begin exploring already! Imagine the area you’ll cover just in finding places to eat, shop, play and discover. Unless you are on a road trip, there’s a good chance you’ll be taking plenty of steps to get to your next destination. On a recent Japan holiday, we actually clocked 16,000 steps in just one day. Pretty neat!

3. Gotta Catch Em’ All 

Credit: David Grandmougin

Pokémon Go has truly gotten everyone moving to snag their monsters. Late night park strolls are no longer a rare sight, people are getting onto their bikes and trawling the city’s streets, and we heard of a friend who managed to score the elusive Farfetch’d in…Osaka.

4. Drop By The Pet Shelter

Credit: Leah Kelley

If you already have a dog at home, their daily walks provide a perfect reason for you to get out. Because the same route can get boring after a while, liven things up such as going the other way around through a different neighbourhood, or including a grocery pit stop halfway. You’ll be surprised how adding an errand makes the walk less of a chore almost immediately. If you don’t have a pet, various local animal shelters are always on the lookout for volunteers, plus, you’ll be doing a good deed too.

5. Be A Volunteer

Credit: Gardens By The Bay (Singapore)

It doesn’t always have to be an orphanage, old folks’ home or delivering food to the needy – you’d be surprised that there are so many fun volunteering activities in Singapore. Gardens By The Bay for instance has a series of monthly events, including horticulture maintenance, fauna surveys and when festivities arrive, such as Mid-Autumn and Christmas, volunteers are also welcome to take on the roles of usher, surveyors etcetera.

6. Make Your Own Meals

Credit: Chris Gramly

It sounds impossible, but the simple act of getting the pots and pans out, sifting through the ingredients needed, moving about the stove area, setting up the dining table right up to the cleaning up clocks up easily to over a 1,000 steps.

7. Pack Your Room

Credit: homesfeed

Another convenient way of clocking the steps: packing the room. It doesn’t have to be a big-scale project, something as simple as clearing out the unruly pile of clothes in every room, clearing the trash, setting the falling pile of newspapers and magazines upright can go a longer way than expected.

8. Go On Extended Walks

Credit: flairfoliophotography

Singapore is often called a garden city, and despite the overwhelming number of skyscrapers – she’s got a healthy number of picturesque routes to offer walkers too. The most popular is of course the Marina Bay route which could begin from The Fullerton Bay Hotel, along the Singapore River, through Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and finally end at Gardens By The Bay. Several neighbourhoods offer similar beauty, whether at Punggol, Tampines, or Jurong, not forgetting Hort Park and the UNESCO site of Botanic Gardens. Plugging into podcasts is a plus!

9. Bother With Inconvenience

Credit: Unsplash

Shortcuts are meant to bring convenience into our lives, but they might not be too good for our blood pressures or heart health. There’s a reason why taking the staircase is the most often referred to method for losing the pounds, while parking further away from the nearest mall entrance and going one floor down to the washroom similarly helps in getting the blood pumping more.

10. Make The Waiting Worth Its While

Credit: veritynutrition

Are you a stay-home parent? Instead of waiting aimlessly while the kid attends ballet, tuition class or a play date, take the chance to scoot off for some me-time. Grocery shopping relaxes some, rack up ideas for your next home at IKEA, or go off to the bookstore or library for some good reads. Either way you feel relaxed after, while effortlessly adding to your steps count too.

To discover more ways to hit 10,000 steps per day, visit stepschallenge.sg/my10ktoday.