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VO2 Max Explained

Your body needs oxygen to move. The more oxygen your body can process and feed your muscles with, the more energy you produce to go faster, stronger, further and longer. This processing-feeding-producing ability is your maximum aerobic capacity, also known as your VO2 Max, or the maximum amount of oxygen your body can [...]

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Competitive Sports: When Fatigue Is Not A Friend

Training load monitoring and recovery testing are among the ways that top teams like Tottenham Hotspur are leveraging science and technology to reduce injuries and create competitive advantages on the field. As a common contributor to contact and non-contact injuries alike, fatigue is a topic of special interest for top trainers. https://www.firstbeat.com/en/blog/recovery-data-tottenham-hotspur/ [...]

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Firstbeat Surprise Finds: Vacuuming, Dentist Visits & Riding A Harley

You might remember reading about the harsh effect that alcohol has on sleep, the importance of integrating some peaceful recovery moments into our busy days, how even positive stress can eventually wear us out, or how exercise can aggravate stress and disturb sleep, if done in excess or too late at night… These [...]

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The Life Of A CrossFit Athlete Through The Firstbeat Lens

The results of Lifestyle Assessment were surprising and predictable at the same time, however most importantly, the examination of the assessment helped me to see the perspective of my day to day life activities in terms of stress, sleep and training rhythm. https://www.firstbeat.com/en/blog/insights-behind-life-crossfit-results-firstbeat-lifestyle-assessment/

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The Holidays Were A Wonderful Recharge, And Now It’s Back to the Dull Life – Or is It Really?

Kids are going back to school – and many of us grown-ups are back to work after summer holidays. Whether you took some long weekends, a week here and a week there, or a 3-4-week major break over the summer, it’s now back to business and daily routines in many parts of the [...]

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The Firstbeat Story (15 Years of Firstbeat: What Have We Learnt?)

We started Firstbeat as a technology company, but today I feel we are more of a human company. Our role is to make biological information visible and to help people to live better lives. It is inspiring to see people becoming interested in their health, armed with the personalized insights necessary to achieve their [...]

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After an intense night out (which may include drinks), you’ll reap lesser benefits from your usual exercise routine

Hard exercise is also useless, or even a health risk, the day after a heavier party, a topic often raised both with athletes and regular people interested in their fitness. You need an easy recovery day after a night like that, before you can expect to reap the normal benefits of exercise. If [...]

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Even college students can benefit from Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

Most Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments are conducted for working age people; the average participant age in the Firstbeat database is 43. But coping with and conquering stress, getting enough sleep and staying fit are important topics even before you hit the career rollercoaster, and students can certainly benefit from the insights that a Lifestyle Assessment can [...]

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Why Use Firstbeat At The Workplace?

Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset, so their well-being should be priority number one. Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for corporations takes the load off your shoulders by helping each employee to make better choices both at work and leisure for increased productivity and optimal overall well-being. When your staff learns how to manage stress, [...]

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Every Child Has A Story About Their Mother

For Mother's Day, Actxa wanted to surprise 5 special mums with a gift that motivates, encourages and keeps her on track with her health goals - the Actxa Spur in Lilac. We want to thank all eighty-eight sons and daughters who shared heartwarming stories about their mums. We loved every single one of them. Truly every [...]

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