The Firstbeat Story (15 Years of Firstbeat: What Have We Learnt?)

We started Firstbeat as a technology company, but today I feel we are more of a human company. Our role is to make biological information visible and to help people to live better lives. It is inspiring to see people becoming interested in their health, armed with the personalized insights necessary to achieve their [...]

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After an intense night out (which may include drinks), you’ll reap lesser benefits from your usual exercise routine

Hard exercise is also useless, or even a health risk, the day after a heavier party, a topic often raised both with athletes and regular people interested in their fitness. You need an easy recovery day after a night like that, before you can expect to reap the normal benefits of exercise. If [...]

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Even college students can benefit from Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

Most Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments are conducted for working age people; the average participant age in the Firstbeat database is 43. But coping with and conquering stress, getting enough sleep and staying fit are important topics even before you hit the career rollercoaster, and students can certainly benefit from the insights that a Lifestyle Assessment can [...]

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Why Use Firstbeat At The Workplace?

Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset, so their well-being should be priority number one. Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for corporations takes the load off your shoulders by helping each employee to make better choices both at work and leisure for increased productivity and optimal overall well-being. When your staff learns how to manage stress, [...]

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Every Child Has A Story About Their Mother

For Mother's Day, Actxa wanted to surprise 5 special mums with a gift that motivates, encourages and keeps her on track with her health goals - the Actxa Spur in Lilac. We want to thank all eighty-eight sons and daughters who shared heartwarming stories about their mums. We loved every single one of them. Truly every [...]

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Manage Stress & Enhance Recovery

Did you know that getting enough rest and recovery can improve your immunity to illness? The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment can help you find balance you need to stay healthy! https://www.firstbeat.com/en/blog/tissue-box-psychologist-first-reaction-getting-sick-say/ 

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Actxa’s Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for Stress & Recovery

“Red bars show when you’re experiencing some form of stress. It’s normal if 40-60% of your day is spent experiencing some stress, as stress can be positive or negative. What’s more important is how you balance it with your recovery periods,” my Firstbeat coach, Vincent, explains as he points at my colour-printed data, [...]

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5 Tips To Keep Diabetes At Bay Simple Ways To Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes Now considered a global health emergency, the spread of type-2 diabetes is staggering. In 2015, 415 million adults around the world lived with the chronic disease, and experts predict the numbers are only going to increase. In Singapore alone, one out of every 9 adults aged 18 to 69 has diabetes.   [...]

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How To Tailor Your Training Within Specific HR Zones

Your Heart Rate Zones The first article in this series Understanding Your Heart Rate Zones explained how to find your resting heart rate and your max heart rate, and the various benefits reaped when training within your different zones. Do read that article before attempting to structure a workout or training plan based [...]

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Taking Your Workouts To The Next Level

Want to take your workouts to the next level? Need to lose that last 3kg? Wish you could exercise less with greater results? It’s time to maximise your workouts with the all-new Actxa Spur. An activity tracker that monitors your heart rate, the Spur lets you know if you’re exercising in your target [...]

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