Want to use your Swift/Swift+ activity tracker to participate for the National Steps ChallengeTM?
Simply follow the 4 simple steps below to enable this function!

Install Actxa app, set up your Actxa account and pair Actxa Swift/Swift+ by following instructions in the Actxa Quick Start Leaflet.
Walk about 30 steps and sync Actxa Swift/Swift+ using the Actxa app. The number of steps should reflect correctly on the Actxa app.

Install Healthy 365 app.
Setup your account and create your profile in Healthy 365 app.
If you already have an existing profile, restore your profile.
Go to Challenge tab and sign up for National Steps ChallengeTM Season 2 by following onscreen instructions.

Proceed with this step only after you have completed Step 01 and Step 02.
Launch Healthy 365 App, select “App”. Under “Exercise App”, select Actxa.

Sign in using your Actxa account name and password created in Step 01.
Once login is successful, you are ready to take part in the National Steps ChallengeTM using Swift/Swift+.

Note :

• You may download the pdf version of this article here.

• If you are switching from HPB steps tracker to Swift/Swift+, remember to sync your steps before you proceed to change.

• Steps taken after successfully switching to Swift/Swift+ will be added to your previously synced steps on the day of change.

• For queries on the Healthy 365 App and the National Steps ChallengeTM, please contact Health Promotion Board. Email stepschallenge@hpb.gov.sg or call the hotline at 1800 567 2020.

• For queries on Actxa’s product, please contact Actxa at support@actxa.com.

Official Technology Partner of National Steps ChallengeTM