For Mother’s Day, Actxa wanted to surprise 5 special mums with a gift that motivates, encourages and keeps her on track with her health goals – the Actxa Spur in Lilac.

We want to thank all eighty-eight sons and daughters who shared heartwarming stories about their mums. We loved every single one of them. Truly every mum is special, with her own journey that inspires.

Check out five of our inspiring mum-stories.


“My mom’s birth story was something else. She was left as a newborn baby at the doorstep of a convent by the parents she never knew. She was moved from foster family to another until the right family for her came along and took her in like one of their own. She grew up with love and respect and she knew that she was adopted but she didn’t have resentment towards her biological parents. Even after she got married and had a family of her own, her love for her adoptive parents was so great that she took them in to her own home when they became old and frail. She looked after them and devoted her free time caring for them, sometimes neglecting her own welfare. That is how selfless she is. She taught us to be grateful not only for all the wonderful things that have happened to us but also the unfortunate ones because these are the experiences that made us stronger. So when I had my first break-up, I was turned down for the job I wanted, and even had multiple failures in my life, she always reminded me to hold my chin up, pick up the pieces and try once more.

The best lesson I have learned from her is that as long as we are breathing, there is hope! She is my protector, my mentor and my inspiration. Her heart is as pure as a diamond and she shines like one. At her age, she does volunteer works and is even sponsoring children to go to school in Nepal. She values education so much because she didn’t get a proper one when she was growing up and she makes sure that all of her children gets one no matter how hard she must work for it. A beautiful woman inside and out!”

 – Christina



“A woman who gone through abuse and torture. Was deserted as a child. Have to work like a slave to have a roof over her head. Had a brush with death many times. In spite of all these she never complained about what her life was, instead took in people who were abused and abandoned by their parents. Gave them a roof over their head, nurse them back to health so that they can get back on their feet and start their life anew. I love my mother for all the unconditional love she has given not only to her family but also to strangers. I want to take this opportunity to honor this wonderful woman, my superwoman, my inspiration and role model. I hope to win the Actxa Spur for my mother because it is time for her to take care of her health and the thought of keeping herself healthy so that she can still continue to help others who are less fortunate, this would be my mother’s greatest motivation.”

– Carol



“Hope to win this beautiful lilac Actxa Spur for my fighter mum 🙂

I am deeply grateful for how strong and resilient my mum is. Because things in the family would have turned dark and hopeless had she not stayed strong and brave and not giving up on us despite her depression after my father passed away 9 years ago due to cancer. I remembered during the trying times, no matter how upsetting she was feeling inside, she chose to guide my dad to be more positive during the period of his fighting with the critical illness. She never gave up a single hope of saving my dad. She proactively learned and sought out many guidance regarding cancer. She would always smile and put on a strong front so as not to let my dad, her husband worry about it. Amidst all these, she did not neglect to guide us children in our education and emotions too. Life is not easy for her after my dad passed away and she definitely was in grief and feeling helpless at that time. But she chose to be brave because she has three kids who can only depend on her to look after. She chose to be strong and took over the responsibilities of both father and mother. She worked harder to decrease the financial burdens. She showed us that reality didn’t knock her down and she got up! Through her actions, she showed us how to deal with uncertainties and difficulties in life with her internal power within. With her sheer determination, she pulled through the toughest times and brought our minds and hearts to a better state with her non-stop motivations. She motivated us and encouraged us to further our studies as much as possible even though it will be tough on her financially. My mom is my forever superhero and her positivity will always have a lifelong strong impact on me 🙂 In fact, her positive thinking and passion influences me in every action I do today.

My mom never stops to chase her dream, which is to encourage and motivate others about healthy awareness and emotional issues especially amongst cancer patients and their family. She uses her knowledge and skills to help others because she knows such emotional issues may cause suicide. Her passion in helping families with the same situation influences me to always join her too and now it has becoming one of my living joys doing this with her. I am glad and happy to see my mom rising again after surviving from the sadness. And I want her to smile even more by winning her a special Mother’s Day gift that matches her toughness and resilience! She loves running and this will be a very nice surprise for her.”

– Wenny



“My mum is definitely special. A resilient and independent woman who cares a lot about the family despite being sick herself. Never wanting to trouble her kids with her aches ans ailments and trying her very best to do it all on her own. A strong yet loving woman. Beating the odds twice with cancer and accepting life the way it is while still showing us and her grandchildren love and care with her motherly ways. It is not easy fighting nausea and fatigue with the chemotherapy but yet you smile for us and putting up a brave front so as not to worry us. We pray that God will continue to grant His blessings upon you and keep you well and healthy in the years to come.”

– Zahida



“My mom has a very special place in my heart. When I was little, my family was poor and we often go on hungry tummies. My dad didn’t earn much so my mom did a cleaner job to earn some extra money to buy food for us. Event when she’s hungry, she will give all the food to us and make sure we are full, then she will eat the leftover.

2 years back, she suffered a stroke and with her strong determination and months of therapy, she finally is able to walk and talk again, but she is no longer as healthy as before. She is constantly sick and needs to visit the doctor often, but she is still constantly doing the household chores, cooking, cleaning, taking care of us as well as her 8 grandchildren without any complains. Even when she is tired, she will still be happy and smiling when she sees us.

Even till now, everything my mother does is all about caring and loving us. She lets us know that family is most important in our lives. We got to learn to forgive and forget and always love and care for each other till the end.”

 – Chay Hwai