Christmas shopping is typically really straightforward, unless the recipient has very niche tastes and interests, or, when they are health and fitness fanatics. Yes, you could get them a gift card at a sports store, or go on a detox retreat together. For something different though, how about getting them items to complement their lifestyle instead? Take a look at our list to find out how!

1. Shoe Wheels

Credit: Rakku

If you have lived in Singapore your whole life, then you should have heard of gifts you must never give – such as shoes. Some say it’s because it sounds exactly like the word ‘evil’ when translated to Chinese, the Cantonese reckon gifting shoes is akin to sending bad luck their way, while the Thais believe shoes need to be in a pair and couples who receive shoes might eventually go their separate ways.

Okay, so we can’t buy gorgeous kicks for the husband or BFF, but we can buy something gorgeous to contain those shoes in, right? You’ve probably seen the Shoe Wheel around, a clever storage idea that stores up to 30 sports shoes, sneakers and the whole range of footwear. The design is not completely covered too, providing much needed ventilation so you don’t have to worry about odour woes. Buy it on Hipvan and Rakku.

2. Fun Fitness Trackers

Finally, staying on track of your fitness goals can be so much fun (and rewarding)! For our 10-day long holiday, we simply strapped on the Actxa Swift, and went about our days. Would you believe a simple itinerary of visiting one attraction, three meals and commuting to our transport venues easily chalked up over 8,000 steps? The best thing was that the battery life lasted throughout, so I could tell my daily active time, calories burnt, and distance chalked. If you are planning water activities, simply get the waterproof Actxa Swift+, which also doubles as your work assistant – notifying you when emails and text messages have come in, wherever you may be.

3. Wellness Wonders

Credit: Washington

It’s every health nut’s dream come true: a website that has everything from supplements and superfoods, to herbal formulas and water filter fixtures. But more than that, Balanced Living is also a wellness centre interested in providing holistic health support. So grab some gift vouchers, and send your friend over for personal consultations with natural health practitioners in store to find out the most effective nutrition, diet and lifestyle changes beneficial for their overall wellbeing.

4. Ham Up The Sportswear

Credit: Vivre Activewear

You want exercise fit, and you want exercise chic. Can you marry both? The good folks at Vivre Activewear understand that, and their apparel are perfect for a variety of workouts – yoga, Pilates, running, and dance. Ultra-lightweight and moisture wicking fabric means you look fab even after intense cardio (great for those of us who perspire buckets), and simple tanks become a work of art – much like the Vivid Active Tank that moves and flows fluidly with your movements. If you need additional support, the Escapade Active Tank (the Shape Award 2015 Winner – Best Slim Fit Tank Top!) stretches sturdily and keeps everything in place without restricting your movements.

Have you also seen their range of bottoms? Brilliant psychedelic colours, pastel blooms, batik twirls, simple solids – the options are endless. If you’re into details and style points, check out the ballet-inspired Twirl Performance Tights, and the breathable Power Mesh Crops. We think the Yoga Paws are a super rad idea too; no more tumbles because of sweaty palms!

5. Airmocks

Credit: Airmocks

Yes you read it right, this is a hammock all right, but you don’t need two trees to get relaxing. Perfect for Singaporeans with space-constrained homes (not everyone has the luxury of backyards, patios or gardens), everything is collapsible and swiftly packed into a carrying bag. It comes with its own stand, and your choice of breathable net or canvas – perfect at the beach, an outdoors festival, or for when you just want to relax at home by the window after a good workout. See Airmocks for more information.