Great, you can’t wait for the holiday to arrive. Travel itineraries have been doubly checked, transport options confirmed and the luggage packed. Staying fit is the furthest on your mind – but what if we told you that you might just be able to clock 10,000 steps even while on holiday, and without any sweat too?

1. Get A Fitness Tracker

The first step to holiday fitness: get a fitness tracker! For those of us who already have one, most will testify to say just how much of a kick we can get just by reading the number of steps we’ve clocked in a day. A good tracker will match just about every engagement level, starting with the basic Stride and Stride+ which tracks daily movement, to the Swift and Swift+ which additionally monitors calories, sleep patterns, and is designed to be water proof, making it a perfect buddy even for swimmers. For a full list of Actxa’s fitness trackers, click here.

2. Be An Explorer

Credit: Adrian

It’s so easy to explore while overseas, you won’t even realise you are racking in all that mileage underneath your feet. On a recent trip to Japan, all we did was visit one natural attraction – which included a one-hour long bus ride, walking up a slight hill, happily tottering around the area and snapping photos, and then back up the bus we went. A quick dinner near the hotel, and when we checked, the Actxa Stride had already clocked 16,200 steps in a day.

3. Adjust Your Expectations

Credit: saltmagazine

Let’s suppose you typically go for your daily runs before or after work, perhaps at a timing around your children’s schedules. When travelling, cut yourself some slack on the running routine – especially if you also have to juggle an elderly, kids, not forgetting changes in climate. If you find yourself losing motivation, lay out your running or gym gear at night, so you can slip out early without waking everyone else. The bonus? Spectacular views of your holiday destination, with nary a soul in sight. Bring along some cash, you never know if you’ll find a pretty bazaar, or some old-school coffeehouse 10 blocks down your run.

4. Spice Up Your Routine

Credit: Paul Hansa

Don’t limit yourself to just the gym, tennis or running – the joy of travelling includes the mystery of discovering new places, and a wonderful way of using various muscles of the body. Whether at The Outback or in a busy city, rent a bike to navigate your way around. Check out neighbouring hills or mountains and go on a hike, or even try out new water sports if you are by the seaside. All these activities give you a break from your usual sporting activity, burns calories while you’re at it, plus making plenty of memories too.

5. Stay in hostels

Credit: Elliott

Most hostels come with a common pantry area, otherwise try local homestays such as through Airbnb, where your motive is simple – easy access to the kitchen. Instead of eating out daily, and missing out on your vegetables and fruits, make a visit to the local supermarket and grab the baby carrots, greens, yoghurt and berries. It’s the perfect way to cut down excess calories you don’t want, and limiting the danger of vacation snacking!

6. Lightweight Sneakers

Credit: Dan Carlson

You’ll want to pack in some proper shoes even if it’s just for a walk, yet, you wouldn’t want it to weigh down your baggage either. There are plenty of sporting brands who have begun to design lightweight and trusty kicks for travels; they just need to be good enough for a run, simple cardio, or long walks in comfort.

7. Drink Up

Credit: Sandis Helvigs

Water is the best drink you can get daily, and especially when you are up in the clouds. Flying dehydrates your body thanks to a lack of humidity in the cabin space, so keep away from caffeine and alcoholic drinks as much as you can. Feeling dehydrated is one of the fastest ways to demotivating your body from staying active, so try to work in at least a glass of water for every hour on the plane.