Press Release

01/11/2018     Actxa Steps Up Its Fitness Game With Improved Active Wearable, Actxa Spur+, Featuring All-New VO2 Max and Fitness Age Features
21/02/2018     Actxa Gets Singaporeans To Improve The Way They Work, Exercise and Rest With Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment
15/06/2017     Actxa Spur Simplifies Training In Your Heart Rate Zone, With New Heart Rate Monitoring
30/03/2017     Empowering Singapore’s Health: Actxa’s Foray into Khoo Teck Puat Hospital’s Retail Pharmacy
21/01/2017     Outsmart, Outweigh and Outwin with The Actxa Sense Smart Scale
28/10/2016     Spurring a nation to get active: Step up & out with the Actxa Swift and Swift+

Media Coverage

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01/01/2019     Win An Actxa Spur+ Fitness Tracker Worth Over $100!
24/12/2018     Meet The S’porean Company That Created Fitness Trackers For The National Steps Challenge Since 2015
29/11/2018     Actxa Spur+ Review: Fitness Tracker with VO2 Max and Heart Rate Monitoring
28/11/2018     The Actxa Spur+ Is The New Wholesome Fitness Buddy You Need!
07/11/2018     New products, Nov 7, 2018: Leica M10-D, Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand and more
03/11/2018     The Actxa Spur+ Will Tell You How Fit You Are Using VO2 Max
08/09/2018     Actxa Glo: Non-invasive Blood Glucose & Fitness Tracker
05/09/2018     IFA 2018: Robots, medical instruments and … a huge keyboard [Polish]
01/08/2018     The Singapore Women’s Weekly: Keeping track of your health
11/04/2018     Homegrown firm Actxa blazes a trail to fitness
02/04/2018     The Life Interview with Actxa’s Lim Chun Hong – A step on the right track: Local fitness wearables company Actxa joins the fight against diabetes
16/03/2018     Tried and tested: 4 fitness trackers to buy right now
26/01/2018     A first for para medal winners
28/06/2017     New Product, June 28 2017
28/06/2017     10 FREE Fitness Programs For Singaporeans Who Are Slowly Becoming One With Their Office Chairs
13/06/2017     Actxa Spur implements heart rate monitoring with HR zone data
15/11/2016     Actxa Swift+
02/11/2016     Actxa Sense Smart Scale S$129 Review
20/10/2016     Actxa Swift Fitness Tracker Review: An Aesthetic Budgeteer

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