Want to take your workouts to the next level?
Need to lose that last 3kg?
Wish you could exercise less with greater results?

It’s time to maximise your workouts with the all-new Actxa Spur. An activity tracker that monitors your heart rate, the Spur lets you know if you’re exercising in your target zone for the best benefits.

Fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes have, for decades, used their heart rate to determine the ideal intensity levels for their training. Your heartbeats tell you how well your cardio-respiratory system is working. The more intense your workout, the higher your heart rate is.

The Spur measures your resting heart rate with a built-in sensor at the wrist and helps calculate and track your Warm Up, Fat Burning, Cardio, Intense and Maximum heart rate zones, buzzing you when you’ve entered or exited the latter. To find out more about your heart rate zones and the best ways to train in them, head over to our blog for more tips.

In addition to monitoring your heart rate, the Spur also continues to provide all the other features seen in previous Actxa wearables like tracking your step count, caloric expenditure, active duration time and distance travelled.

From fully intuitive monitoring of the quality of your sleep to the scientific tracking of the rate of your heartbeat, the Spur is here to examine your movements for a better quality of life.

So don’t despair if you’ve fallen off the bandwagon on the journey towards your fitness and weight goals in 2017. It’s not too late.

And now with the Actxa Spur, it’s just that wee bit easier too.